Custom Solutions


OneAccess is constantly improving its product lines with new features matching new market needs.  We constantly evaluate new feature requirements for implementation into the products.

OneAccess also performs custom developments for customer-specific projects.  Tailor-made UDcast software is already embedded in a wide variety of systems. See our sample projects and our skill areas below.

Do you have specific requirements? Just let us know, we will be happy to discuss your project and design a solution.


This is a non-exhaustive list of past projects illustrating the broad expertise of the OneAccess team. For more details on a specific project, please contact us.

Satellite & Wireless

Usage / Challenge UDcast Solution
Internet access onboard trains - Demanding operating conditions UDgateway embedded into onboard equipment
Internet and Intranet access onboard ships - Connectivity changes depending on ship location UDgateway with optimized multi-path routing
Satellite backup of terrestrial link - End-to-end security UDgateway with built-in acceleration and encryption
Satellite access for mobile medical services - End-to-end security UDgateway embedded into ambulances
Internet access for schools - Seamless integration into Internet Service Provider infrastructure PPPoE / Radius authentication over satellite
Internet for disaster recovery using mobile access points - Landline-like performance for Web browsing and VoIP UDgateway embedded into vehicles
Data replicaion and distribution - Cost-effective transmission Multicast with guaranteed delivery


Mobile Broadcast

Usage / Challenge UDcast Solution
Mobile TV - Transmitting MPEG2 Transport Streams Transport Stream processing platform
Mobile TV - Validating DVB-H or DVB-SH compliance Transport Stream analysis software, including MPE-iFEC decoder
Digital Terrestrial TV - Cost effective transmission of global and local TV channels DVB-T Aggregator
Mobile TV - Localized advertisement Local content insertion with iSplicer



This is a non-exhaustive list of technology areas where OneAccess has a proven expertise.  These technologies are used in our products, or have been used in custom developments.

IP Area

Technology Benefits
Asymmetric links, unidirectional links, UDLR Optimized routing
Multi-path Routing Performance enhancement
PPPoE / GRE tunneling Seamless integration
TCP acceleration, TCP proxy Performance enhancement
Application acceleration, such as, HTTP, FTP, Windows File Sharing (SMB/CIFS), or MAPI Performance enhancement
Accelerated VPN Performance and security
Reliable multicast Optimized bandwidth usage
Dynamic IP-Multicast Content Optimized bandwidth usage
Hybrid FEC/ARQ Optimized bandwidth usage
IPsec-Multicast Secure content distribution
Scalable Network Management Reduced operating costs
IPv4 / IPv6 Future-proof networking
SmartCard Profile Secure content distribution
DHCP / Radius Seamless integration
QoS / Bandwidth Provisioning Performance enhancement
Application Aware Time Slicing Enhanced user experience
Disk Based Compression, byte caching, network de-duplication Performance enhancement


Broadcast Area

Technology Benefits
IP / DVB encapsulation Standards compliance
Scalable Audience Measurement Return on Investmentt evaluation
Broadcast Network Management Reduced operation costs
Statistical Multiplexing Optimized bandwidth usage
DVB / IPv4 and IPv6 distribution Future-proof broadcasting
DVB monitoring SLA management
MIP insertion Reduced operating costs
PCR re-stamping Reduced operating costs
DVB-H / H2 / T / T2 / SH Standards compliance
ATSC, ATSC-M/H Standards compliance
MPE-FEC, MPE-iFEC Performance enhancement
SFN in IP networks Optimized spectrum usage
Real-Time Parameters Computation Optimized bandwidth usage
Local content adaptation Optimized bandwidth usage
Zapping time improvement Enhanced user experience