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Key People

Antoine Clerget

UDcast - Antoine Clerget Chief Executive Officer and co-founder

Antoine Clerget is Chief Executive Officer and a co-founder of UDcast. Prior to taking this position, Clerget created and managed the UDcast product development team, as chief technology officer, being a key element in the designing and development of the company's technology offering.

Before UDcast, Clerget joined the Rodeo project at INRIA where he began to work on his doctorate. His research work has focused on multicast routing and transport protocols in heterogeneous environments, such as networks with satellite links or dynamic networks.

Clerget graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique, where he followed graduate studies in mathematics, physics and computer science, entering the Corps des Télécommunications in 1995. Clerget holds PhD in telecommunications and computer science from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications in Paris.


Patrick Cipière

UDcast - Patrick Cipière

Mobile Television Chief Architect and co-founder
As Mobile Television Chief Architect and one of UDcast's co-founders, Patrick Cipière has been working since 2002 on the definition of pre-standard DVB-X, which became the DVB-H standard. He continues to bring his expertise to this standard for the new needs related to commercial deployments.

Cipière was previously involved in Ensim, an Internet company based in California, where he was a member of the technical team bringing IPStack expertise. Prior to that, at INRIA, a major French research institute, he was a software engineer in the Rodeo project and was in charge of IP developments.

Cipière was also manager of operational network security of all of INRIA's sites in France and led the implementation of Linux throughout the INRIA. He represented INRIA at the IETF and drove the development of the UDLR protocol (RFC 3077). Cipière co-founded another INRIA start-up, ISTAR, a company dedicated to satellite image processing for civil and military applications. The company is still performing in the EADS group.

Cipière earned a doctorate in computer science and master's degrees in physics and computer science from Bordeaux University.


Emmanuel Duros

UDcast - Emmanuel Duros

Networking Director and co-founder
Emmanuel Duros is one of UDcast's co-founders and a Networking Director inside the UDcast R & D department, bringing his expertise to the software development based on the UDLR (UniDirectional Link Routing) protocol, which optimally eases multimedia delivery by using satellite links in the Internet.

As an active participant on the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), he is the main author of UDLR technology which is now standardized. He designed, made the technical decisions for and implemented the mechanism, which supports UniDirectional links in the Internet. Previously, Duros served as an engineer at INRIA, a national research institute in computing. He has also worked in a research laboratory at the Sydney University of Technology in Australia where he participated in the implementation of the IP mobile protocol.

Duros obtained a bachelor's degree from the Bristol University of West of England (UK) and a master's degree in computer science and telecommunication from Paris VI University (France).


Aymeri Boitreaud

UDcast - Aymeri Boitreaud

Vice President Sales & Chairman of the Board
As VP Sales and Chairman of the Board, Aymeri Boitreaud is responsible for UDcast’s worldwide sales strategy and execution, direct to operators/service providers and indirect via resellers and OEM partners.

Boitreaud has over 20 years of operations and management experience at international IT service and software companies offering specialized business solutions.

He started his career in Defence Electronics with European leader Thales, pioneering C³I.
He then joined a small French IT company that grew to become Atos Origin, a European leader. Over 14 years he was instrumental in building a strong Financial Services practice, as a system integrator and distributor of US software solutions. In 2000, he participated to the creation and was CEO of AtosEuronext, a joint venture with Euronext.
Since 2003, Aymeri has been working on personal projects and helping on the development of software companies focused in the intelligent transport, energy, telecom and hospitality sectors.

Boitreaud is a graduate of SUPELEC and holds an MBA from HEC.


Luc Ottavj

UDcast - Luc Ottavj Chief Scientist Officer and co-founder

As Chief Scientist and co-founder at UDcast, Luc Ottavj plays an instrumental role in UDcast's technology innovation, ensuring that the company's core technology is cutting-edge and responsive to customer needs.

Ottavj is considered to be one of the fathers of the French Internet. While at INRIA research center, he was a leading member of the team that introduced IP and the Internet to France. The team worked closely with the regional government and France Telecom and advised the French government on the development of networks and Internet in France. Ottavj was previously at the French Ministry of Equipment where a held a variety of positions including software development, technical team management and computer center management.

Ottavj has an engineering degree from Ecole des Travaux Publics de l'Etat and a doctorate in information management from Institut du Management de l'Information of Paris and Université de Technologie of Compiègne.